Adonai's Weimaraners

Terms of Purchase

This page outlines the terms of purchase and process for getting a puppy from us. Please read over this page carefully. If you have any questions please let us know.

Terms: The goal of Adonai's Weimaraners is to place each puppy in a home where it will be loved and Blue (Ethan X Hailey) cared for, for the remainder of its life. We do not view dogs as dispensable possessions, but rather as members of the family. Therefore we make every effort to find the best possible homes for our puppies. Our contract is necessary to help insure first of all the welfare of the puppy. It also provides protection for the buyer and the seller, Adonai's Weimaraners.

All Adonai's Puppies come with a hip, health and genetic guarantees. Tails will be docked and dewclaws removed. Initial vaccinations are administered, and puppies will be wormed as necessary. We will provide you with the complete puppy series of vaccines (minus rabies).

We requests that each puppy owner have his/her puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of sale. Skyler (Ember X Stuart) We will accept return of the puppy and refund the purchase price if any health problems deemed unacceptable by the purchaser are identified at this visit.

In the event that the owner of an Adonai's Weimaraner finds it necessary to place his/her dog in another home, We will be contacted immediately and will be given first option to reclaim the dog or to assist in locating another suitable home for the animal.

Companion puppies are sold with the understanding that the dog will never be bred. All Adonai's puppies, other than those sold as show/field compeition prospects, will be placed on a limited registration and a spay/neuter contract ensuring this condition of the sale. Puppies sold as possible breeding prospects are sold with a show and or field contract on a co-ownership basis.

Buyers agree to maintain preventative health care of the puppy including, but not limited to inoculations, internal as well as external Walker (Ember X Stuart)parasites, proper nutrition, mental health, grooming, training, proper exercise, and prevention of stress injuries.

The Buyers agree to provide a loving home environment where the dog will live as a member of the family. The dog will not reside outside, but will live as an indoor dog. The buyers agree to care for the dog humanely (including providing food, water and all necessary veterinary care). The Buyer agrees that the dog will NOT be used for medical or any experimental purposes whatsoever, shall NOT be kept chained or tied up, and shall NOT be attack trained, or used for fighting purposes. In addition, buyer agrees NOT to allow the dog to be free. to roam the streets or to transport it in the back of an open truck except within a properly secured dog crate.

We will NOT sell any of our puppies to an agent or anyone acting as an agent. Mia (Ethan X Hailey) In addition we will NOT sell any of our puppies to a pet store, guard dog business or medical facility.

A non-refundable reservation deposit of $200.00 is required to secure and Adonai's puppy once you have been approved for a puppy. Balance of the purchase price is required at time of delivery. Puppies should be paid for in full by their 8th week of age. Pickup dates are negotiable, however, if no solid pickup date has been decided upon by the 8th week of age, a boarding fee of $10/day will be incurred after the puppy turns 8 weeks old. All transportation expenses are the responsibility of the new owner.

Adonai's Weimaraners will provide each buyer with a booklet of information to include feeding, health care, training, and grooming. We will also be available for any concerns or questions you may have.

Process: In you ever have any questions please let us know. If you find all the terms agreeable submit an application (see link below). We may call you for any additional information we may need. We will inform you if you are approved. We do require a $200 NON refundable deposit due when approved or by the time the puppies are a week old. If the puppies are already a week old Truman (Ember X Stuart) the deposit is due within a week of being approved. We do post pictures and updates of the puppies weekly, but we ask that you try not to get too attached to one particular puppy at this stage. When the puppies are 7 weeks old we complete temperment, prey drive and conformation evaluations on all the puppies. Then with your input we choose which puppy will best be suited for you and your family. Puppies go home when they are 8 weeks old. At that time the remainer of the purchase price is due. You will receive a puppy packet with your puppy which includes important information regarding vaccines, care, feeding,health, grooming and training. Your puppy will also come with a 24/7 helpline for the life of your Adonai's Weimaraner. We do ask that you occasionally keep in touch to let us know how your puppy is doing and send lots of pictures.

Additional information:

Gunner (Ember X Stuart) All sires and dams are OFA certified free of hip dysplasia with ratings of Good or Excellent or have been Penn Hip Cleared. All puppies complete early neurological stimulation exercises (for more information please read this article.) We are active members of the Weimaraner Club of America and the Mile High Weimaraner Club and abide by their code of ethics. We typically breed litters 1 to 2 times a year.

If you are interested in owning one of our puppies, please read over the terms of purchase, complete our application and send it to us!!

If you are having trouble downloading the application click here and copy and paste the information into an email.

NOTE: By submitting the application you are agreeing to the terms of purchase!!

If you have additional questions please feel free to email or call Kathy at 850-490-7267