Adonai's Weimaraners

Mission Control
mission leader
Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to take an ingenious bundle of energy, called a Weimaraner puppy, and turn it into a well behaved member of the family. We have gathered some ideas and tips in order to help you with your mission. These ideas and tips were accumulated over 23 years experience with the Weimaraner breed. We have also gleaned ideas from my (Kathy's) experience as a Licensed Child and Adolescent Therapist, and through our experience as parents. Weimaraner puppies and children, there are a lot of similarities in behavior! Ok...back to the mission...if you need more information to decide whether you wish to accept this mission please go to "Is this the Right Breed for Me??" If you have read this page and want to learn more about the mission, just click on the link below to go to the next section...and good luck!!

Phase I: Finding a Weimaraner Puppy
Phase II: Preparing for your puppy
Phase III: Training your puppy (or dog)
Phase IV: Handling Problem Behavior
Phase V: Grooming