Terms of Purchase – Please Read Before Proceeding

The goal of Adonai's Weimaraners is to place each puppy or adult dog in a home where it will be cared for and loved for the remainder of its life. We've devoted many years to protecting, breeding and preserving the Weimaraner breed. For this purpose, we are selective as to where our Weimaraners are placed.

In the event that the owner of a Adonai's Weimaraners finds it necessary to place his/her dog in another home, we will be contacted immediately and will be given first option to reclaim the dog or to assist in locating another suitable home for the animal. We do not sell puppies as breeding stock. Companion puppies are sold with the understanding that the dog will never be bred. All Adonai's puppies, other than those sold as show/field competition prospects, will be placed on a limited registration and a spay/neuter contract ensuring this condition of the sale. In some cases AKC papers may be withheld until proof of spaying is provided. All breeding and competition prospects come with a co-ownership unless other agreements have been made in advance.

Adonai's Weimaraners certifies each puppy to be in good health and free from known congenital anomalies at the time of sale. Tails will be docked and dewclaws removed. Initial vaccinations are administered, and puppies will be wormed as necessary. You will also be provided with the remaining vaccines for the puppy-shot regimen through eighteen weeks. All puppies come with a sales agreement signed by both parties.

Adonai's Weimaraners requests that each puppy owner have his/her puppy examined by a veterinarian within 72 hours of sale. We will accept return of the puppy and refund the purchase price if any health problems deemed unacceptable by the purchaser are identified at this visit. Puppies should be paid for in full by their 8th week of age. Pickup dates are negotiable, however, if no solid pickup date has been decided upon by the 8th week of age, a boarding fee of $10/day will be incurred after the puppy turns 8 weeks old. All transportation expenses are the responsibility of the new owner.

Adonai’s Weimaraners Intake Sheet


1. You Name:
Phone number:

2. How many other adults are in the household and what are their names, ages and occupations? What are their feelings about bringing a puppy into the home? 3. How many children are in the household and what are their ages? What are their feelings about bringing a puppy into the home? 4. How many children will the dog be expected to interact with on a regular basis, but do not live in your household, and what are their ages?

5.Do any household members have allergies to dogs?

6. What other pets do you have now? Please include age, species, gender, spayed, neutered.

7. What pets have you had in the last five years?

What happened to them?

8. Have you ever placed an animal you owned in a shelter,rescue, back with the breeder or in another home? If so what were the reasons?

9. For what purposes do you want the dog? (hunting, obedience, agility, tracking, show, breeding, family pet - please discuss all that apply)

10. Do you have any preference concerning age or sex?

11. Have you ever owned a Weimaraner before?

If yes, from where/whom (breeder) acquired:

If no, why do you especially want to own a Weimaraner?:

12. Do you know anyone who has a Weimaraner? Please indicate age and sex if known. Spayed/Neutered?

13. Describe the area in which you live (city, rural, suburban).

14.Do you live in an apartment, a house, a condominium?

15. Do you have a fenced yard? If yes, how high is the fence?

16. Where will the dog stay:
During the day?
During the night?
During family vacations?
17. How many hours will the puppy/dog be alone on a regular, working day?

18. How will your puppy/dog be exercised?

19. What are your feelings about dog crates and crate training?

20.When and how will you begin training and socializing your puppy/dog?

21. What is the name and telephone number of your veterinarian? May we call them for a reference? If you do not have a veterinarian please provide another personal reference.

By submitting this application I agree to the Terms of Purchase Please email the intake sheet back to adonaiweims@yahoo.com