Adonai's Weimaraners

Christopher and Duke (Callie X Ruff)

About us and Our name:

Adonai's Weimaraners is currently comprised of Richard and Kathy Gray, our 3 children, and our dogs. We have recently relocated from Colorado Springs to Pensacola, Florida. We are Christians and have chosen our kennel name to reflect that fact. "Adonai" (pronounced ah-doe neyes) means means "Sovereign" or "LORD" in Hebrew. As used in the Old Testament, the primary meaning of Adonai is "Master." As servants in the Kingdom of God, we look to Adonai Jehovah, our Master, for guidance, insight and inspiration with everything we do, including our work with the weimaraner breed. We believe that everything we own, including our dogs, belong to Him. With His guidance, we are to take care of His creation. The name helps remind us of just that.

Our History with Weimaraners:

Ryan and Razzy (Callie X Thunder) We acquired our first Weimaraner puppy, "Ippy," from a breeder in 1980. It was with this great dog that we fell in love with the breed. He was way over standard, but he had a heart of gold. He seemed to be able to tell when you were upset and needed someone just to listen.

In 1989 we acquired our second weimaraner, Abby from a back yard breeder in the newspaper. Abby was a contrast to Ippy. She had a bad temperament, was harder to train and had numerous health problems. She ended up dying from health problems right before her 7th birthday.

At first we were not going to get another weimaraner, but the impression Ippy left on us remained so we tried it again. This time, though we went through a highly respected breeder in Maryland, Virginia Alexander, and acquired our first "show" Weimaraner, "Ember." At first we were a little unsure about showing, but we were willing to give it a try. With the encouragement of others in the field, we soon came to fall in love with the Kathy and Callie (Ember X Tommy) sport! We started showing dogs in 1998 and in 1999 we had our first litter of puppies with Ember. After two additional beautiful litters Ember ended up with 5 champion offspring, and her BROM title. It was through Ember that we were able to renew our respect of this great breed and create what is now called Adonai's Weimaraners.

Our Beliefs:

Due to publicity, weimaraners are experiencing increasing popularity, and many people are breeding indiscriminately in order to produce quantity. Rescue organizations are showing an influx of weimaraners that have ill tempers and health problems. These puppies are coming from the backyard breeders, pet stores and people that are neglectful in their breeding program. Therefore potential weimaraner owners Richard and Maverick(Ember X Thunder) need to be very cautious about where they get their puppy from. Breeders also need to be very careful about what they are breeding, and where their puppies go.

We believe that responsible breeding takes a lot of time and effort in order to maintain the standards and quality in the breed. We believe in the efficacy of the AKC dog show/field trial system as a tool to help breeders prove their dogs and maintain this standard. While it is not without flaws, overall this system helps breeders evaluate their dogs, and helps to hold breeders to a higher standard.

In addition to showing dogs, we believe it is important to research pedigrees, keep up to date on current health problems, and know what different lines produce. This information then can be used in order to breed only proven quality sires AND dams (just one does not qualify). Even though this all takes a lot of time and money, we feel these are important steps to insure the future of the breed.

Chris and Dani Our Goals:

Our goals are NOT "to produce puppies", but to produce healthy, sound, intellegent, structurally correct, beautiful representatives of the breed. We do this by honorably maintaining very high standards. We use only quality sires AND dams that have proven their worthiness through conformation titles(or competition) and a demonstrated natural hunting ability. Our sires and dams have great temperments, and are in the best of health. They have been certified free of hip dysplasia with ratings of good or excellent, or Penn Hip cleared. The pedigrees of the dogs we breed all have at minimum 79% champion/titled dogs in the first 3 generations in order to insure continuity of quality in the lines.

We are selective in who we sell our puppies to as we want only the best homes for our puppies. If we do not have puppies available for an approved home, we will be happy to keep your name on our list for upcoming breedings.We will also refer you to reputable breeders if our timing is not right for you or if we feel your needs are best suited by another breeder.

Our Dogs:

Tommy, Callie (dog) and Ember (dog) I despise the term "breeding stock" to refer to weimaraners that will be bred. Weimaraners are very intelligent dogs with the capacity for feelings such as anger, frustration, sadness, depression, happiness, joy and affection. Therefore our dogs do NOT live in kennels...all of our dogs are housedogs, and very loved members of our family. We actively participate with our dogs in dog shows, and we have finished many of our dogs to championship. We also have several dogs we have bred that live around the country that participate in show, tracking, obedience, field and agility; and have earned championships and field titles or are currently on their way to their championships.

Our Memberships:

We are members of the WCA and the Mile High Weimaraner Club and strictly abide by their code of ethics. We are also members of Weimaraner Breeders Group-a select group dedicated to health and breeding issues related to the weimaraner.

All in the family! Below is a picture taken Christmas 2005. Included are dogs from 4 different households in my family...all weimaraners owned or bred by us! Dogs left to right: Kenmore, Star, Rebel, Ana, Belle, Hailey, Ember, Callie, Levi, Ippy, Moseby.

The Family